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ROLLER MAGAZINEのサポートTEEが8年ぶりに刷新!! Kustomカルチャーの求道者HOODOOMANが書き下ろしたKnuckleheadモチーフのニューロゴを、胸ポケットと背面にプリント。ボディはGildanのポケット付き。サイズはS~XL。カラーはネイビー。


※「お1人様/ 2枚まで」の購入に限らせて頂きます。

The ROLLER MAGAZINE support tee has been redesigned after 8 years!! The new logo with a Knucklehead motif by HOODOOMAN, a priest of Kustom culture, is printed on the breast pocket and the back. The body is Gildan with a pocket. Sizes S to XL. Color : Navy

Limited availability.

*Order is limited to two pairs per customer.
*Each item is individually wrapped, therefore shipping is charged per item.

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