This solid 1991 H-D FXR named “P16 Wraith” built by Yaniv Evan

His shop “Power Plant” is in Downtown LA


Ben “The Boog” Zales & His Newest 1963 H-D FL named “Blue Crush”

The one and only longbike called “Azurus” built by Hawke Lawshe from Vintage Technologies. This bike got 1st Place of Invited Builder at Born Free 11.


The Hi-Tech BMW built by Custom Works Zon. This one got the winner of Best of Show Motorcycle 2018.

Nick Busby from Salinas Ca.& 1962 H-D FLH “Double Take”. He is The youngest builder in Guests of the year. The photo was taken with his father Justin Busby.

1953 Triumph TR6 “Righteous” built by Tom Heavey. This beauty was awarded for The Best Pre-Unit at Born Free 11.

Oliver Jones from The Cut-Rate & 1937 H-D EUL named “Sweet Berry Wine” .This Beast got The Best in Show at Born Free 11!!

1955 Triumph Pre-unit “Arrow Racer” built by Thompsons Cycles & Alp Racing Design.

The Amazing H-D Street Bob called “Tarmac Raven” built by Winston Yeh from Rough Craft.

Cycle Zombies

Grant from Born-Free Show

The Bad Boyz Club from Calif

Brixton / Chase Stopnik from HWY  


White’s Boots / Max & Rachel

4Q Bike built by Max Schaaf / 4Q Conditioning from Oakland Calif.



to be continued


photographs: KENTARO YAMADA