WELLER  Vol.10 "5 Years Anniv." 予約受付中! Pre-order now! 9/30 on sale

WELLER Vol.10 "5 Years Anniv." 予約受付中! Pre-order now! 9/30 on sale

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WELLER Magazine Vol.10
"5 years anniversary special issue"

予約受付中! Pre-order now!!
2023.9.30 on sale



WELLER Magazine Vol.10
Full Color 130P, Japanese/English 

Music makes a Scooterist


- The music that shapes the scooterist -
There probably isn’t another vehicle as closely tied to lifestyle and culture as scooters are, and music is closely associated with the culture of mods and scooterboys. Here, we feature the lifestyle of scooterists shaped by music.

Quadrophenia / scooter akko : Lambretta Golden Special
Trojan Records / Jun the Skinhead : Lambretta Li Series.1 “Skelly”

Royal Alloyプレス、Rik Bardsleyが語るUK音楽シーン
Royal Alloy Press, Rik Bardsley on the UK Music Scene

没頭する音楽を愛車に落とし込む UKの独自カルチャー
Custom scooters with a musical influence
words : Andy Gillard (ScooterNova magazine)

好きなバンドや音楽の世界観を、愛車のスクーターで表現するという独特のカスタム文化も彼の地のスタイルのひとつ。一体そうした文化はどのようにして生まれたのか。英国のスクーターマグ、Scooter NovaAndyにそのルーツとシーンの今について尋ねてみた。

A unique culture blending music and scooters was born in the UK and has continued evolving. Andy, of the scooter mag “Scooter Nova,” uses scooters to express his favorite music, one of the unique local customization styles. Where did this culture come from? We asked Andy about its roots and where it stands currently.

Built For Locals "
The Kamakura Style"
<Moto Village>

鎌倉の地でVespaオーナーから厚い支持を集めるショップMoto Village。狭い路地の多い鎌倉の街を気持ちよく走るためのカスタムを提案しつつ、 海沿いという立地ゆえ錆の問題にも日々向き合う。そうして生まれたのが鎌倉ローカルに根差したカスタムメニューだ。 今回はそんな同店の車体作りについてフォーカスする。


- A unique style created for Kamakura locals -
Moto Village is a highly popular shop among Kamakura’s Vespa owners. While optimizing Vespas for comfortable riding through Kamakura’s many narrow streets, the shop’s owner regularly saw rust damage resulting from the coastal climate. What resulted was a custom option with roots in Kamakura. Here, we focus on the shop and the approach it takes toward scooter bodies.

"The World’s Best Scooter Parts Company"
S.I.P. Scooter Shop Gmbh

自社開発製品から有名コンストラクターのものまで膨大なカスタムパーツを揃えるS.I.P. スクーターショップ。スクーターをカスタムしている人なら、一度は彼らのWebサイトをクリックしたことがあるだろう。数万点にも及ぶカスタムパーツを世界中へ発信するS.I.P.は世界屈指のパーツブランドだ。今回、本誌は
ドイツの本拠地に潜入! その全貌をお届けしよう。

S.I.P. Scooter Shop carries a wide range of custom parts ranging from parts developed in-house to those from famous manufacturers. Anyone who customizes scooters has likely been to S.I.P.’s website at least once. S.I.P. is a world-leading parts brand that sends out tens of thousands of parts around the globe, and here, we take a closer look at its headquarters.


"The Isle of Man" 
Vespa Rally 180
words : Micke Nilsson (Scooteristen)

50年代以降、欧州各地では盛んにスクーターレースが開催されていた。世界的に有名な公道レース、マン島TTが開催されるマン島もその舞台のひとつであった。70年代、スウェーデンからマン島のレースに参加したScooteristと彼の愛機Rally 180。界隈では知られたこのマシンは長らく行方不明であったが、近年発掘されて修復された。伝説的なRally 180のストーリーと復活までの道のり。今回はイギリスのスクーター雑誌”Scoote Nova“に掲載された記事をご紹介したい。書き手はスウェーデンのスクーターマガジン“Scooteristen”の編集者であるMicke Nilssonだ。

Scooter races have been held throughout Europe since the 1950s, and one of the venues was the Isle of Man, the home of the famous Isle of Man TT road race. In the ‘70s, a scooterist from Sweden traveled to race at the Isle of Man on his Rally 180. Though his Rally 180 became famous in the scooter community, it went missing for a long period. In recent years, however, it was discovered, and here, we feature an article from the British scooter magazine “Scoote Nova” that tells the story of the legendary Rally 180 and its revival. The article was written by Micke Nilsson, the editor of the Swedish scooter magazine “Scooteristen.”

A Scooter Paradise!
"Art of Speed Malaysia"

東南アジア最大規模のカスタムショー、Art Of Speedはその震源地である。

The motorcycle and automobile custom scene in Southeast Asia has exploded recently, and at the epicenter of the scene is Art of Speed, the region’s biggest custom show.

Vintage Bike Gathering


A.C.M.A. Vespa 

Shikoku is an area where hardcore vintage motorcycle maniacs reside. At an event held for the first time at the end of April in Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, a large number of vintage motorcycles, mostly British, gathered. However, scooterists also made it to the event, and they stood out from the crowd.


MODSたちによる年に一度の祭典、MODS MAYDAY。東京の中心部を闊歩する洒落者たちの狂想曲。

Mods Mayday is an annual festival held by Japan’s mods. At the event, stylish riders paraded through central Tokyo.

- Carhartt WIP
- White's Boots
- Lewis Leathers
- Brother Bridge