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WELLER Magazine Vol.9 
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WELLER Magazine Vol.9
Full Color 130P, Japanese/English



Do it on the DIRT!!

Chapter.1 / Pharaohs Rally

そのマシンはVespa PX150。なぜ彼らはVespaで灼熱の砂漠へ向かったのか。

The Pharaohs Rally was a rally raid held in Egypt from 1982-2015. It started from Egypt’s capital city of Cairo and ran through the desert, with a total length of roughly 4,000 km. In 2011, the skilled off-roaders who had gathered from around the world were joined by two brave men attempting the course on Vespa PX150s. What brought these two and their Vespas to the scorching desert?

Chapter.2 / S.I.P. Vespa Cross "MATSCHO KARATSCHO #1"

スクーターでオフロードレースを楽しむスクータークロス。ドイツを拠点にした世界でも指折りのショップS.I.P.が2022年秋に新たなイベントVespa Cross MATSCHO KARATSCHOを開催した。本社敷地内に造成したコースには欧州各地からScooteristたちが駆けつけた。

Scootercross is off-road riding on scooters, and in the fall of 2022, S.I.P., a shop based in Germany that is a global leader held a new event called Vespa Cross Matscho Karatscho. Scooterists from throughout Europe gathered to ride on a course constructed on the shop’s premises.

Chapter.3 / Scooter Cross Japan : featured S211 "MX"

This S211 with an out-of-the-ordinary atmosphere is outfitted with front and rear block tires. The machine was built by an enthusiast for VMX (vintage motocross) races, which he actually competed in.

Chapter.4 / Kawagoe Dirt Drag

ダートでドラッグレースを楽しむカルチャーは千里浜サンドフラッツを筆頭にいま日本各地で盛り上がりを見せている。そんな中、川越で開催されているフラットトラックイベントHave Fun!!の走行会では、敷地内のオープンエリアを利用したエキジビジョンとしてドラッグレースを開催。今回初めてスクーターも参加した。

Dirt track drag racing culture has been gaining in popularity throughout Japan, most prominently at Chirihama Sandflats. At the Have Fun!! flat track events held in Kawagoe, exhibition drag races take place in an open area on the venue’s premises, and at the most recent event, scooters also took part.

浜名湖2&4スワップミート/ Hamanako 2&4 Swap meet

Swap meets have been a popular aspect of motor culture in Japan for a long time. Swap meets are organized throughout the country, and one of eastern Japan’s most famous gatherings is the Hamanako 2&4 Swap Meet, held annually in Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Iron scooters were featured at the Fall 2022 event, and numerous vehicles attended.

1962 Lambretta Li125

Vespa50S / 1955 Vespa 150GS VS1

God in the detail / Scootmanship Restoration
1961 Lambretta TV175
岡山県のScootmanship Restorationの最新作のひとつがこの色鮮やかなTV175だ。

While taking the owner’s wishes into account, Mr. Irie puts his skills to full use to carry out restorations. This brightly colored TV175 is one of Scootmanship’s latest builds. The uncompromising, thoroughly crafted scooter is breathtaking

Timeless Gems / Commercial Vehicle
Fuji Rabbit S211AM "Milk Delivery"
Timeless Gems。それは時代を超えて受け継がれてゆくべき技術遺産だ。

It has been around 70 years since scooters were born. During that period, engineers from various companies have created great and ambitious products reecting the lifestyle and social conditions of their generation and presented them to the world. And there are freaks who work hard to preserve the timeless gems that were created in their original condition. This technological heritage should continue being passed down to future generations, and in this rst installment, we focus on a scooter from the ‘60s that was used by a milk delivery service.

Royal Alloy & 70s-80s UK scooter scene 
Royal Alloy CEOのSteve Oliverと、プレス担当兼フリージャーナリストのRik BARDSLEY。

Royal Alloy from the UK has meticulously 3D scanned a Lambretta of yesteryear to rekindle the vibe of the famous scooter for the 21st century.
Experts on the UK scene, Steve Oliver, Royal Alloy CEO, and Rik Bardsley, the brand’s publicist and a freelance journalist, talked to us about the brand and how the scene has changed over the years. In this issue, we’ve published the first part of the interview.

Vespa Club Japan History
Vespa Club Japanの創始者、川合義雄氏が残したアルバムを中心に当時の貴重な写真をご紹介してゆく好評企画第二弾。

During the period of rapid economic growth following the post-war recovery,
there was a group of fashionable people that rode Vespas, which were extremely
expensive vehicles at the time. In this section, we will show you precious pictures
from that period, which came from the album that Yoshio Kawai, Vespa Club
Japan’s founder, left behind.


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