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WELLER Magazine Vol.8
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WELLER Magazine Vol.8
Full Color 130P, Japanese/English

Rebuild & Personalized

鉄スクーターという素材でどう遊び倒すか。 自身のこだわりを最大限に投影するカスタムや車両が生まれた当時の姿を忠実に再現するレストア、当時のままのスタイルを楽しむオリジナル主義など、その楽しみ方は千差万別であり、Scooteristの数だけ最適解が存在する。異なるコンセプトによって組み上げられた珠玉の車両と、その車両との生活を楽しむオーナーたちの横顔にフォーカスする。

How does one enjoy an iron scooter to the fullest? Some may personalize theirs to the maximum via customization, and others may take an originalist approach, faithfully restoring their scooter to its original condition and enjoying the style of its period. The number of answers to this question is limited only by the number of scooterists, with each having their own optimal solution. In this feature, we focus on some outstanding scooters created based on different concepts and the profiles of the owners who enjoy them.


世界的な感染症拡大を受けて日常が様変わりした昨今。日本最古にして最大のMODS MAYDAYとして知られる東京のMODS MAYDAY JAPANも、40周年の節目となる2020年での開催を断念せざるを得なかった。弊誌Vol.2でフィーチャーした熱狂の1日から3年、誰もが待ち望んだイベントが晴れて開催された。

The wild celebration returned as Japan’s largest Mayday was held for the first time in three years. With the global pandemic, everyday life has changed. The longest-running and largest Mods Mayday in Japan, Tokyo’s Mods Mayday Japan, was forced to cancel its 40th anniversary event in 2020. Three years after the insane event we featured in Vol. 2 of this magazine, the party everyone had been waiting for was finally held.
Participants dressed in their best suits rode together in the scooter run and took in the live shows. We report on the crazy day overflowing with mod vibes.

The Mistress 

英国のヴィンテージスクーター専門誌、Scooter Nova。80sからスクーターに没頭するエディターのAndy Gillardが最近フィーチャーした珠玉の1台、The Mistress。その詳細をご紹介しよう。

British vintage scooter magazine, Scooter Nova. Editor Andy Gillard has been into scooters since the 80s. One such gem he recently featured is Mistress. Here are the details.

Realistic Nostalgia, Royal Alloy

往年のモデルをイメージソースに、現代なアレンジを加えて世に放つ。昨今の二輪・四輪の世界ではこうした「ヘリテイジ」と呼ばれるモデルが 人気を集めているのはみなさんもご存知の通り。英国生まれのRoyal Alloyは、そうしたトレンドを踏まえながらも、 さらなるリアルさを追い求めた孤高のブランドである。

As everyone knows, so-called “heritage” models, which combine designs inspired by the models of yesteryear with modern features, are becoming increasingly popular. While a part of this trend, the UK’s Royal Alloy is a brand whose pursuit of authenticity really sets them apart.

The Dawn of Vespa Culture in Japan

戦後の復興期を経て高度経済成長期へ。そんな激動の時代に超高級車だったVespaを乗り回す洒落者たちがいた。本項ではVespa Club Japanの創始者、川合義雄氏が残したアルバムを中心に当時の貴重な写真をご紹介してゆく。

During the period of rapid economic growth following the post-war recovery, there was a group of fashionable people that rode Vespas, which were extremely expensive vehicles at the time. In this section, we will show you precious pictures from that period, which came from the album that Yoshio Kawai, Vespa Club Japan’s founder, left behind.

Early Rabbit Meeting


The Early Rabbit Meeting is a morning cruise event held irregularly by Rabbit owners primarily from the Tokyo metropolitan area. Dozens of scooters from throughout the area gathered for the event in April, 2022.

The 38th Pioneer Run Japan 2022

1959年以前に生産された国産四輪・二輪・発動機を対象とした旧車マニアでは知られた一大イベント「パイオニアラン」。 毎回テーマを設けた展示が行われるこのパイオニアランで、 今年フィーチャーされたのは鉄スクーター! 会場には超マニアックなモデルがズラリ。

Pioneer Run, well known among vintage vehicle enthusiasts, is a large event featuring 2-wheelers, cars, and antique engines made before 1960. Each event is based around a different theme, and this year’s feature was iron scooters! Models maniacs love were lined up at the venue.

New Parts for Fuji Rabbit S211 Hi-Super 90

東京・久我山のRabbit専門店として知られる伊藤自動車。これまでS301/S601などのレストアやリプロパーツ開発に 力を注いできたが、最近では前号でお伝えしたように S211向けのパーツ開発にも乗り出している。今回はオーナー待望のニューパーツをご紹介しよう。

Ito Motors, located in Kugayama, Tokyo, is known as a shop that specializes in Rabbits. Up to now, they have dedicated their efforts to restoring and reproducing parts for Rabbit models such as the S301 and S601, and, as we reported in a previous issue, they have recently been developing parts for the S211. Here, we will introduce some of the new parts that owners have been eagerly anticipating.

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